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Sleep Related Problems - Diagnosis

Sleep Related Problems - Diagnosis - Sleep Disorder Quiz
Are you sleepy throughout your day? Do you get tired for no reason? Do you feel that you have problems sleeping through the night?

Here's a short quiz that will help indicate to you your chances of having a sleep disorder.

    Do you snore more then twice a week?
    Yes or No

    Do you have problems getting out of bed?
    Yes or No

    Are you tired during the daytime more then you think you should be?
    Yes or No

    Do you have trouble with concentration or memory loss more then occasionally?
    Yes or No

    Do you fall asleep while driving, in meetings, at work, while reading a book, or while watching television?
    Yes or No

    Do you have regular morning headaches?
    Yes or No

    Do you sleepwalk, have bad nightmares?
    Yes or No

    Do you suffer from regular depression or mood swings?
    Yes or No

    Do you have trouble going to sleep or do you wake yourself frequently though the night?
    Yes or No

    Have you experienced recent increase in weight or pressure?
    Yes or No

    Have you been told you hold your breath or grind your teeth when you sleep?
    Yes or No

If you answered yes to:

0-1 Questions = Your probably just experiancing random occasional sleep problems.

1-3 Questions = You may have a problem, you may not. Try changing your sleep environment and pattern.

3+ Questions = You probably have insomina or some type of sleep problem, Please consult your doctor.

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