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BedsUp Elevating Insert - There is no need to use extra pillows, bricks, block or alternate lift systems. Give your bed a lift with the Beds Up insert and start sleeping better today!

DreamFit™ Sheets - DreamFit™ brings a unique, patented design to the bedding marketplace with the only sheet “Guaranteed to Fit™” and “Guaranteed to Stay On™” today’s thicker profile mattresses. The DreamFit™ patented design incorporates a “self tailoring” feature allowing DreamFit™ sheets to fit and stay on any thickness or profile of mattress equally well.

DreamFit™ Mattress Pads - The patented DreamFit™ construction ensures that you will never have to lose other night’s sleep due to an improperly fitting mattress pad. The super strong elastic binding guarantees the same great fit on a regular mattress all the way up to the thickest pillow top. Our patented strap design is what guarantees that the Dreamfit™ pad will stay on any depth mattress even with the addition of feather beds, mattress toppers, or foam.

SleepLogic Mattresses - SleepLogic mattresses offer a uniquely balanced sleep surface with premium support where it’s needed most. SleepLogic ChiroSense™ is an exclusive line developed in conjunction with the International Chiropractors Association.

Outlast Mattress Pads - This unique mattress pad is designed to help balance your body temperature. Smart Fabric Technology by Outlast adapts to your own unique body temperature by absorbing heat when you get too warm, storing it and releasing it back if you cool down.

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