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Sleep Healthy
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Things to Avoid when trying to Sleep

Yep someone's actually suggestion you avoid exercise, that is within three hours of bedtime. Some people try to tire themselves out by exercising close to bedtime. This tactic can backfire, since exercise actually stimulates the body by speeding up the heart rate and metabolism.

Foods to Avoid
It's best to have atleast 3 hours between when you last ate and your intended bedtime.

  1. Coffee (anything with caffene, Tea, Cola, Chocolate, Stimulant drugs) - You may want to try avoiding caffeine entirely (all day) and see if your sleep improves.
  2. Spicy foods - Foods that are likely to cause gas, heartburn, or indigestion, such as fatty or spicy foods, garlic-flavored foods, beans, cucumbers, and peanuts.
  3. Alcohol - Although alcohol may seem to help you fall asleep, it can disrupt your normal sleep pattern during the second half of the night and leave you feeling unrested. Alcohol produces a number of sleep-impairing effects. In addition to causing the release of adrenaline, alcohol impairs the transport of tryptophan into the brain, and, because the brain is dependent upon tryptophan as the source for serotonin (an important neurotransmitter that initiates sleep), alcohol disrupts serotonin levels. Avoid drinking fluids before bedtime to decrease the chance of having the urge to go to the bathroom during the night.
  4. Tobacco/Nicotine - Avoid cigarettes and tobacco. While smoking may seem to have a calming effect, nicotine is actually a neurostimulant and can cause sleep problems. Avoid smoking in the six hours before your bedtime.
  5. Refined carbohydrates - They drain the B vitamins.
  6. Additives and Preservatives - Any source of toxicity or heavy metals.
  7. Sugar - Sugar and foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates. These raise blood-sugar levels and can cause a burst of energy that disturbs sleep.
  8. Meat - Foods such as meat that are high in protein can inhibit sleep by blocking the synthesis of serotonin, making us feel more alert.

Daytime Napping
Avoid taking naps earlier in the day. This will keep you from being tired in the evening.

Avoid trying to sleep in a lighted area or an environment that's not condusive to relaxation.

Click here to view some tips on creating your sleep environment.

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