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Keeping a Sleep Diary

What is a Sleep Diary?
Keeping a sleep diary can help you figure out the reason you are having difficulty sleeping. It can also help you create a map of your sleep patterns that allows you to figure out under what conditions you atain your maximum restoration.

Children can also use this Sleep Diary to record their sleeping hours and their energy levels each morning. This will help them see a connection between the number of hours they sleep each night and their energy levels. Discuss potential influences on the quality and quantity of their sleep. This exercise will help your children understand the importance of getting at least nine hours of sleep each night.

What will a Sleep Diary do for me?
It helps to demonstrate the importance of rest, food choices, exercise, sleep, and recreation on a person's well-being.

A sleep diary also demonstrates ways in which his or her health and well-being can be enhanced and maintained based on certian decisions.

Procedures for keeping a sleep diary
Create a notebook with the following column headings.

  1. Your Bedtime.
  2. # of times I woke up during the night.
  3. Total time awake last night
  4. How long did it take to fall asleep?
  5. How did I feel when I woke up (1-10 scale 10=Best Night Ever)?
  6. Total amount of caffeine during the day. (anything with caffene, Tea, Cola, Chocolate, Stimulant drugs.)
  7. Total amount of alcohol during the day. (amounts and types.)
  8. Total amount of tobacco during the day. (cigarettes, tobacco, second hand smoke.)
  9. Any Spicy Foods?. (such as fatty or spicy foods, garlic-flavored foods, beans, cucumbers, and peanuts.)
  10. Number and length of naps.
  11. Time spent exercising.
  12. Addtional comments: (any other factors that influenanced last nights sleep.)

Every Morning take 2 minutes and make sure to fill out rows 1 to 5. Do this when you wake up so you can remember accurately.

Every Night before you go to bed fill out number 6-12.

After a month sit down and review the notebook. From there you should be able to see some defined patterns as to what sleep pattern and external factors you body likes best.

Look at days when you reported feeling refreshed and awake in the morning. Do you see any connections between caffeine, alcohol or exercise?

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